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NorthEast Bronx Assn - Newsletter
'neighbors watching out for neighbors
November 2015


Next Meeting:  Monday November 30, 2015; 7:30PM; Kings Harbor MultiCare Center, 2000 East Gun Hill Road (at Stillwell Ave).  
Guest Speaker: Mr. David Kraiker, US Census Bureau
Representatives from the offices of the 49th Pct, NYS Sentator Klein, NYS Assemblyman Gjonaj, and NYC Councilman Vacca will also be present .

NEBA Holiday Food & Toy Drives


By Mark Saplicki &Vincent Prezioso

What is Thanksgiving?  Obviously it is the act of giving thanks or showing gratitude.  To us at NEBA it is the time of year to give THANKS to God for what we have and to participate in the act of GIVING to those less fortunate than ourselves. As the holiday season is upon us, we appeal to everyone to remember those less fortunate than ourselves.  As we have done every year, NEBA delivered fresh turkeys and coordinated a collection of non-perishable foods for the needy. 

St Lucy's Food Pantry

Once again this year NY State Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, the Liberty Democratic Association including our long-time friend Joe McManus, have contributed to feed the needy, by donating fresh turkeys this Thanksgiving. We wish to express our appreciation to the Executive Board and Ex-Officio Officers of the Liberty Democratic Association: Monica Major, Zena Twyman, Majorie Valazquez Lynch, Luisa Benedetto, Rev. Dr. Charles Gorelick, Martin Morris, Andrea Siegel, Joseph A. McManus, Miriam Schwartz, Maria Gonzalez. And not the least of all is our friend Frank Restagno who delivers the turkeys to the food pantries. May God bless all these wonderful people and their families!

Please be aware that St. Lucy's parish runs a Food Pantry for the needy all year long, and your donations of non-perishable items are always welcomed! St. Lucy's is located at 833 Mace Ave, at Bronxwood Ave, 718-882-0710.

Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal

Again this year NEBA was able to provide non-perishable food items for the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal.  The sisters' apostolic mission is work with the poor and homeless and evangelization. The backbone of this effort is our own seniors' brigade, headed by Louise Restagno and Janice Shapiro.  They give generously every year to this cause. NEBA was also able to provide turkeys to the Franciscan Sisters for distribution to needy families.  Again we are thankful to Frank Restagno for delivering the goods.  NEBA is grateful and humbled by the charity shown by all involved in this project.

Please be aware that donations of non-perishable items are collected regularly for the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal at the Church of the Holy Rosary, located at 1510 Adee Ave, off Eastchester Road, 718-379-4432.


Next Meeting

Next Meeting: Monday November 30, 7:30PM, Kings Harbor MultiCare Center, E. Gun Hill Road at Stillwell Ave - Use Main Entrance.

Guest Speaker: David Kraiker US Census Bureau

Representatives from the 49th Pct; NYS Senator Klein; NYS Assemblyman Gjonaj; and NYC Councilman Vacca will be present.


Toys for Tots

     The Northeast Bronx Association and Einstein Hospital will again be sponsoring Toys For Tots to benefit the Einstein Children's Evaluation & Rehabilitation Center and the Department of Psychiatry's Wellness Center.  We appeal to everyone to donate unwrapped toys for children ages infant to 12 years old, who might not otherwise receive such gifts. Our seniors' brigade will be collecting UNWRAPPED toys on Tuesday December 1 and Tuesday December 15 between 11:30AM to 1:30PM at Calvary Lutheran Church, 2407 Eastchester Road at Waring Avenue. If you are unable to drop off toys, please call Mark at 718-519-1723 and he will arrange for someone to pick up the toys BEFORE DECEMBER 16.  Based upon your wonderful response last year, Einstein has expanded the program, and we are confident we can do even better this year, especially due to the extraordinary generosity of our seniors, headed by Louise Restagno and Janice Shapiro. The children are our future so please be generous and teach them about caring for others.  You can make a difference in a child's life.


‘Tis the Season of Giving

So you want to be charitable, but not sure where to donate?  Or perhaps the funds just aren't there?  No problem!  Here are few suggestions of organizations who will accept donations of goods (furniture, clothing, etc.) as well as cash.

  • Catholic Charities 718-292-9090
  • St. Mary's Church 718-529-6070
  • Housing Works 212-366-0820
  • Share House 914-963-4453
  • Salvation Army 800-728-7825
  • St Peter's Episcopal Church 718-931-9270

Some of these organizations offer fast, free pickups on weekdays.

From Da Prez...

By Vincent Prezioso

     We are pleased to welcome Mr. David Kraiker, Data Dissemination Specialist for the U.S. Census Bureau as our guest speaker this month.  Mr. Kraiker will give a short presentation on what the Census Bureau does, including the ongoing American Community Survey.  He will also respond to any questions you may have.

We are thankful

The Northeast Bronx Association is essentially run by a small group of dedicated volunteers who go unsung most of the year.  None of them look for any recognition at all - they are satisfied with the reward of knowing they are doing what they can for their family and community.  I hope all of you will pause with me for a moment to give thanks for our volunteers. The job of running a neighborhood association is a heavy burden, but it is certainly a little easier when people care enough to step forward and volunteer unselfishly for the benefit of their neighbors.  To all of our volunteers, members and friends, many blessings for a happy and healthy holiday season!

Funding for our Seniors Day Out program has been renewed, thanks to grants sponsored by Councilman Jimmy Vacca and Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.  This will allow our seniors to plan activities through June 2016.  NEBA charges neither dues nor fees for any of the programs we offer.  As a not-for-profit corporation, NEBA works hard to secure public funding, such as the grant herein mentioned. Our seniors are eternally grateful for the ongoing financial support of Councilman Vacca, and Borough President Diaz.  May God bless our seniors, our representatives...and the U.S.A!

Thank you, Bronx Zoo!

For several years the Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo has underwritten the Community Access Program, which reaches out to community based organizations in an effort to create greater awareness and access to the programs at the Bronx Zoo.  The Northeast Bronx Association is proud to have been associated with this program and we are grateful for the efforts of Stephanie Sukhoo in this regard.

Botanical Gardens:

The Annual Train Show will showcase at the NYBG from November 21 to January 18.  You can receive 30% off selected tickets by visiting and using code 9095, or calling 718-817-8716.

     Please attend our upcoming meeting to receive updates on various community concerns, which are cannot be disseminated easily in this newsletter.

Eastchester Road off Waring Avenue on Tuesday December 15.

IRS Scams on the Rise

By D.J. Wilson/Courtesy of Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC)

     I came home today and saw a blinking message on my answering machine. I hit play and here's what it said:  'This automated message, should be considered as a final •notice from IRS, Internal Revenue Service. The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS .is filing lawsuit against you. To give more information about this case file, please call immediately on (XXX)xxx-xxxx. I repeat (xxx)xxx-xxxx. Thank you."

     This call is a scam. The IRS will never telephone you unsolicited. Do not call the number back. Note that the IRS handles most correspondence by mail.  Unfortunately, IRS scams are commonplace. Crooks target everyone, but tend to prey" on vulnerable people. Scammers will phish for information and/or demand payments, and even threaten harm.

     Nowadays, you need to be both street and home wise; Thieves are becoming more sophisticated, and folks nationwide are falling for these cons. Though incidents tend to rise during tax season, when people worry about owing money, they may occur all year round.  Sometimes the callers appear to be legitimate. They may have already obtained some personally identifying information about you.  If there's any doubt, it's better to err on the side of caution and not provide any information to the caller.

     Do not trust the caller identification on your phone. Calls from overseas have the capability of pretending to be from someplace within the USA. People may also be targeted by email. Email scams often look real, using fake look-alike IRS logos. It's important to note that the IRS will never contact you by email.

     Just remember, always protect your identity. To reduce your risk of becoming a victim, do not share personal information over the phone or via email.

For information on protecting your identity from theft, please contact AMAC's trusted ID Theft and Protection partner at 866.762.7868.

Greenlight A Vet

     Although Veterans Day has passed, there is still a way that you can show your support for all our veterans.  Change one light to green in a visible location-on your porch, in your home, or at your office-and keep it glowing every day as a symbol of appreciation and support for our veterans. Then, share your support by taking a picture of your green light and posting it using the hashtag #greenlightavet.

     250,000 members of our military transition back to civilian life each year. No matter how much respect we hold for our veterans, it's hard to show it when, out of uniform, they're more camouflaged than ever.

     "A lot of people don't know how to say thank you, a lot of people don't know how to show that they care," she says. "So having something as simple as a green light bulb is amazing because it says, ‘I care. I may not know how to say it, but I care.'"

     There are 22.5 million veterans in the U.S., and more than 2.5 million Americans have served our country in uniform since 2001, according to the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University. In addition to finding jobs, many of these veterans need other types of transition support. That's why Walmart is committed to greenlighting veterans in a variety of ways:  Hiring 250,000 veterans by 2020 through its Welcome Home Commitment; Supporting organizations focused on job training, education and community-based collaboration; As of last month, Walmart has hired 100,000 veterans over the past two years, and along with the Walmart Foundation, recently committed $20 million to organizations focused specifically on transitioning veterans.

     How can you support a veteran? Changing your porch light to green is one simple step, but volunteering, hiring and raising awareness on social media can also make a huge difference. See how others are embracing the greenlighting movement here, and visit for more information.   

     Every day you probably pass a veteran in the street and are unaware of it.  And every day a veteran will probably walk or drive by past your home.  Just think about how it will feel to that veteran to see a visible sign of support for his or her sacrifice on your behalf.

Remember:  Freedom is Not has been paid for by the blood of our veterans.  May God bless them always.




God bless you and your families this holiday season. Be thankful for what you have and share some of it with those less fortunate than yourself. And May God Bless America.