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NorthEast Bronx Assn - Newsletter
'neighbors watching out for neighbors
January 2016


Next Meeting:  
Monday January 25, 2016, 7:30PM, Kings Harbor MultiCare Center, 2000 E Gun Hill Rd (at Stillwell Ave).
Representatives from the 49th Pct; NYS Senator Klein; NYS Assemblyman Gjonaj; and NYC Councilman Vacca will be present. 

Will This Be Your Last Newsletter?


By Mark Saplicki &Vincent Prezioso

Well will it?!  Due to rising costs NEBA needs to determine who actually wants to receive this Newsletter in print.  Although we send it to hundreds of families who have requested it over the years, we can only be confident that about 50 of you actually read it - because you are the ones who show up each month at our meetings.  So we humbly request that you return the post-paid card enclosed - and you will continue receiving our newsletter.  Anyone NOT returning the card will be deleted from our mailing list.  The only exclusions are elected representatives who have already informed us that they wish to receive the newsletter.  If you no longer wish to receive the printed newsletter BUT instead wish to receive it via Email - please indicate that on the enclosed card.




Next Meeting

Next Meeting: Monday January 25, 7:30PM, Kings Harbor MultiCare Center, E. Gun Hill Road at Stillwell Ave - Use Main Entrance.


Representatives from the 49th Pct; NYS Senator Klein; NYS Assemblyman Gjonaj; and NYC Councilman Vacca will be present.

‘Twas the Season

NEBA Toy Drive

The Northeast Bronx Association and Einstein Hospital again sponsored Toys For Tots to benefit the Einstein Children's Evaluation & Rehabilitation Center and the Department of Psychiatry's Wellness Center.  We appealed to everyone to donate unwrapped toys for children ages infant to 12 years old, who might not otherwise receive such gifts. NEBA collected the gifts through our Seniors group. Einstein and its young patients are grateful for your donations and for the collection effort of our seniors headed by Louise Restagno & Janice Shapiro. We are also thankful for Igino (Eugene) DiPaolo who makes significant contributions to this program every year.  The children are our future so we thank all who contributed.

NEBA Food Drive

Once again this year NEBA was able to organize a food drive for those less fortunate during this holiday season.  We are grateful to those who donated fresh turkeys: State Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj; Joe McManus and the Liberty Democratic Club; Joe Ferrer of BS&F Auto Parts.  Of course our Seniors brigade headed by Louise Restagno and Janice Shapiro collected tons of canned goods.  And many thanks to Frank Restagno who delivered all the turkeys and Mark Saplicki who delivered all the canned goods.  The food was distributed to the St. Lucy Food Pantry and to the Soup Kitchen run by the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal.  May God bless all who donated and otherwise took part in this charitable effort.  It represents the best of who we are and reveals the true meaning of giving thanks.

As the holiday season comes to a crescendo we remind you that St. Lucy's parish runs a Food Pantry for the needy all year long, and your donations of non-perishable items are always welcomed! St. Lucy's is located at 833 Mace Ave, at Bronxwood Ave, 718-882-0710.  The same is true for The Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal where non-perishable items are collected regularly at the Church of the Holy Rosary, located at 1510 Adee Ave, off Eastchester Road, 718-379-4432, or at their convent at 3357 Bainbridge Ave, off Gun Hill Road 718-547-9840.  It is never too late to be charitable!

From Da Prez...

By Vincent Prezioso

We Are Grateful For Our Supporters

     On Saturday December 12, the Northeast Bronx Association held its annual volunteer appreciation luncheon at Fratelli Restaurant. The food and service was wonderful, and everyone enjoyed themselves.  We gather to give thanks to the active volunteers of NEBA for their efforts.  They unselfishly give their time in order to make this organization a success.  The dedication of our Patrol volunteers has contributed to decreased crime and increased quality of life - making our community a better place to live for all.  I also appreciate the understanding and commitment of the families of these volunteers.  We are proud of this small group of residents who are concerned enough to actually do something to improve the living conditions in our area.  Honorable mention to all who regularly attend our meetings and bring various concerns to our attention in the true spirit of ‘neighbors watching out for neighbors'.

     To assist NEBA in helping the needy, our supporters and volunteers have consistently donated food and toys.

     On behalf of our entire organization and in the spirit of the New Year, I would once again like to give thanks to our key supporters.  In this economic climate, we were fortunate to continue to receive financial assistance, and we are grateful. Thank you Councilman Jimmy Vacca and thank you Borough President Ruben Diaz!  They are the reason we are able to produce our programs and not charge dues to our members.

     We are also fortunate to have wonderful corporate neighbors. Kings Harbor MultiCare Center has been a sponsor for NEBA since our inception, thanks to Morris Tanenbaum, and Alexander Stern. We are also grateful for the District Manager of our Community Board 11, Jeremy Warnake, and his sidekick our long-time friend John Fratta.

     The quality of life in our community is a direct result of the constant commitment and hard work of the men and woman of the 49th precinct, under the leadership of Captain Keith Walton. They have maintained our community as one of the safest in the City.  The Civilian Patrol of the Northeast Bronx Assn. is proud to be under the leadership of such fine officers as our partners in combating crime.  Special mention to our Community Affairs Officer Jay Sturdivant and Crime Prevention Officers Tyrone Mederos who attend our monthly meetings.  It proves that when we all work together to find solutions to our problems, everybody wins.

     We are truly blessed to have such wonderful supporters and we wish all a Happy New Year!

 Please attend our upcoming meeting to receive updates on various community concerns, which are cannot be disseminated easily in this newsletter.

Be a Life Saver!

Donating blood is literally giving the gift of life. Each day, the New York Blood Center needs close to 2,000 people a day to roll up their sleeves. There is simply no substitute for voluntarily donated blood. Without volunteer donors, our community would not have an adequate community blood supply.  Please visit the NYBC website at or call (800) 933-2566 for more information and to make an appointment. The blood donation process has changed dramatically in recent years.  You will not have to wait hours and the process itself takes only about 10 minutes.  The blood supply is always at a critical level - usually only 5 to 6 days supply on hand - because of the lack of donors.  Your donation will help 3 people now.  Consider that you may not be dying to give blood but one day you or a loved one may be dying to get it.

Avoid Credit Card Scams

Courtesy of AARP Fraud Watch Network

     Have you received your new EMV "smart chip" credit card(s)? Fraud expert Sid Kircheimer warns of imposter scams capitalizing on this change. Although millions of EMV cards (short for Europay, MasterCard and Visa) have already been issued, there's now a big push to quickly deliver the remaining plastic imbedded with a small computer chip; it's that small, metallic square on the front of EMV cards that creates a unique transaction code that cannot be used again, unlike magnetic-stripe cards that store unchanging account details that aid fraudsters.

     Expect bogus emails allegedly sent by card issuers, PayPal or other businesses that supposedly provide details about your account with more secure, chip-imbedded cards. It's a new incentive for old tricks to install computer malware and/or phish for account information and log-in credentials.

Here's what you should know:

1. Legitimate emails from card issuers should be short, to-the-point notifications that your new EMV card is being mailed, perhaps with an "expect within 10 days" timeframe. They should not include links or attachments promising details or urging action to "update your account" or the like; that's the calling card of scammers.

As a general rule, don't trust links in emails - and before clicking, always hover your computer mouse over the link; if it doesn't display the sender's company name, assume the worst. It's also safer to access any business website by typing its URL yourself, not via provided links. Or call the phone number listed on your card, not provided in emails.

2. Bogus PayPal emails are making the rounds, with malware-laden "Update Your Account" attachments. Legit PayPal emails never include attachments.

3. Authentic emails from card issuers will address you by name and include some specific reference to your credit card, such as the last four digits of your account number. Those from PayPal, eBay or other businesses will also include your name. Emails vaguely addressed to Dear "Cardholder," "Customer" or "Account Holder" are often scams.

4. Even if the email includes your name, don't trust it unless you previously provided your email address to that business (for instance, when you enrolled in online banking). Email mailing lists - with account holder names - can be purchased by scammers.

5. Be suspicious of phone calls or text messages supposedly from card issuers about EMV cards. These could be "vishing" (for voice phishing) or "smishing" (named after SMS technology that sends text messages) attempts aiming to glean account and personal information.

GreeNYC and Zero Waste

0X30: New York City will be contributing zero waste to landfills by 2030. There's no "away" when we throw garbage into a can or litter basket. Trash goes into landfills, where it decomposes - sending methane, carbon dioxide and toxins into our air, soil and water. 0X30 minimizes this: By contributing zero waste to landfills by 2030, New Yorkers will be protecting our environment more than ever before.  The best way to keep garbage from landfills is by limiting the materials you use. Reduce use when you can - and reuse and recycle the rest. For example, opt out from receiving junk mail, and donate or sell items you no longer need.

For complete information on how you can help visit:

The following items are accepted at DSNY special waste drop-off site in the Bronx: Hunts Point at Farragut Street and the East River, next to the Fulton Fish Market. Enter on Farragut Street, off Food Center Drive.

Batteries, including automotive, alkaline, lithium, and rechargeable (don't mix alkaline batteries with lithium or rechargeable batteries; see information below about handling batteries); Motor oil and transmission fluid (up to 10 quarts per visit); Motor oil filters (up to two filters per visit); Fluorescent light bulbs & CFLs; Latex paint (up to five gallons per visit); Mercury-containing devices (up to two per visit); Passenger car tires (up to four per visit); Electronics (covered by the disposal ban).

Rules & Procedures: DSNY drop-off sites are only for non-commercial materials from NYC residents. Anyone with a commercial license plate will not be allowed to enter the site. When you arrive at the drop-off site, you'll be required to show a valid NYS driver's license and vehicle registration. If you aren't arriving by car, you can provide a picture ID and proof of residency, such as a phone or utility bill.

The drop-off location may not be immediately visible. If you have trouble finding the location, ask a DSNY garage foreman or supervisor at the site. DSNY officials will be there to instruct you, but the sites are do-it-yourself style. Wearing casual clothes and work gloves is strongly recommended.

Special Instructions for Batteries:  Place each rechargeable battery, or cell phone that contains a battery, in its own sealable plastic bag to insulate batteries. 
If bags aren't available, put CLEAR tape over both battery terminals. Do not tape or bag alkaline batteries. At the drop-off site, place batteries into designated collection containers.

Other Disposal Options: Retailers and manufacturers accept certain items in take-back programs, including electronics. In addition, DSNY SAFE Disposal Events are held several times a year in all five boroughs.