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NorthEast Bronx Assn - Newsletter
'neighbors watching out for neighbors
January 2015



Next Meeting: Monday January 26, 7:30pm at Kings Harbor Multi Care Center, Stillwell Ave at E Gun Hill Rd.
Guest Speaker:  Ms Iris Bonhomme, Elder Abuse Worker, R.A.I.N.
Agenda: Update on community concerns. Also representatives of the 49th precinct; the offices of NYS Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj; NYS Senator Jeff Klein and from NYC Councilman Jimmy Vacca.

Elder Abuse


By Mark Saplicki & Vincent Prezioso

     A recent Study of Elder Abuse Prevalence in New York State found that 76 out of every 1,000 older New Yorkers were victims of elder abuse in a one year period. The Study also found a dramatic gap between the rate of elder abuse events reported by older New Yorkers and the number of cases referred to and served in the formal elder abuse service system. The reported incidence rate is nearly 24 times greater than the number of referred cases.  This suggests that many elders are not seeking - or getting - the assistance they need.

     We are privileged this month to have as our guest speaker Ms. Iris Bonhomme, Elder Abuse Outreach Worker, from R.A.I.N. (Regional Assistance for Interim Needs).  Ms. Bonhomme will explain the many forms that Elder Abuse can take, how we can identify the signs of abuse, and how seniors and their families or friends can challenge and overcome this problem.  She will also provide information on the assistance that R.A.I.N. can provide in this regard.

Regional Aid for Interim Needs, Inc. (R.A.I.N.), a premier senior service organization established in 1964 by our visionary Founder, Mrs. Beatrice Castiglia-Catullo.  Its mission is to enhance the well-being and quality of life for all New Yorkers by meeting the interim needs of people of all ages.  We offer a Continuum of Care that includes a range of services for seniors and those with disabilities.  Our quality services include: full-service neighborhood senior centers, home-delivered meals, transportation services, assistance with benefits and entitlements, case management and elder abuse services, in addition to community-based mobile meals for homeless and hungry persons.


Quote of the month:  I promise to keep on living as though I expected to live forever.  Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years. People grow old only by deserting their ideals.  Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up interest wrinkles the soul.  Douglas MacArthur, quoted in the New York Times June 8, 1984.


Toys for Tots

The Northeast Bronx Association and Einstein Hospital again be sponsored Toys For Tots to benefit the Einstein Children's Evaluation & Rehabilitation Center and the Department of Psychiatry's Wellness Center.  We appealed to everyone to donate unwrapped toys for children ages infant to 12 years old, who might not otherwise receive such gifts. NEBA collected the gifts through our Seniors group. Einstein and its young patients are grateful for your donations and for the collection effort of our seniors headed by Mary Ferrara & Janice Shapiro. We are also thankful for Igino (Eugene) DiPaolo who makes significant contributions to this program every year.  The children are our future so we thank all who contributed.


Next Meeting

Next Meeting: Monday January 26, 7:30PM, Kings Harbor MultiCare Center, E. Gun Hill Road at Stillwell Ave - Use Main Entrance.

Guest Speaker:  Ms Iris Bonhomme, R.A.I.N.

Representatives from the 49th Pct; NYS Senator Klein; NYS Assemblyman Gjonaj; and NYC Councilman Vacca will be present.

NEBA Food Drive

Once again this year NEBA was able to organize a food drive for those less fortunate during this holiday season.  We are grateful to those who donated fresh turkeys: State Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj; Joe McManus and the Liberty Democratic Club; Joe Ferrer of BS&F Auto Parts.  Of course our Seniors brigade headed by Mary Ferrara and Janice Shapiro collected tons of canned goods.  And many thanks to Frank Restagno who delivered all the turkeys and Frank Martinez who delivered all the canned goods.  The food was distributed to the St. Lucy Food Pantry and to the Soup Kitchen run by the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal.  May God bless all who donated and otherwise took part in this charitable effort.  It represents the best of who we are and reveals the true meaning of giving thanks.

As the holiday season comes to a crescendo we remind you that St. Lucy's parish runs a Food Pantry for the needy all year long, and your donations of non-perishable items are always welcomed! St. Lucy's is located at 833 Mace Ave, at Bronxwood Ave, 718-882-0710.  The same is true for The Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal where non-perishable items are collected regularly at the Church of the Holy Rosary, located at 1510 Adee Ave, off Eastchester Road, 718-379-4432, or at their convent at 3357 Bainbridge Ave, off Gun Hill Road 718-547-9840.  It is never too late to be charitable!

From Da Prez!

Vincent T. Prezioso

We Are Grateful For Our Supporters

     On Saturday December 13, the Northeast Bronx Association held its annual volunteer appreciation luncheon at Fratelli Restaurant. The food and service was wonderful, and everyone enjoyed themselves.  We gather to give thanks to the active volunteers of NEBA for their efforts.  They unselfishly give their time in order to make this organization a success.  The dedication of our Patrol volunteers has contributed to decreased crime and increased quality of life - making our community a better place to live for all.  I also appreciate the understanding and commitment of the families of these volunteers.  We are proud of this small group of residents who are concerned enough to actually do something to improve the living conditions in our area.  Honorable mention to all who regularly attend our meetings and bring various concerns to our attention in the true spirit of ‘neighbors watching out for neighbors'.

     To assist NEBA in helping the needy, our supporters and volunteers have consistently donated food and toys.

     On behalf of our entire organization and in the spirit of the New Year, I would once again like to give thanks to our key supporters.  In this economic climate, we were fortunate to continue to receive financial assistance, and we are grateful. Thank you Councilman Jimmy Vacca and thank you Borough President Ruben Diaz!  They are the reason we are able to produce our programs and not charge dues to our members.

     We are also fortunate to have wonderful corporate neighbors. Kings Harbor MultiCare Center has been a sponsor for NEBA since our inception, thanks to Morris Tanenbaum, and Alexander Stern.  Con Edison has also been a consistent supporter of our Patrol and Youth programs - thanks to Joe Thurston and Bill White. We are also grateful for the District Manager of our Community Board 11, Jeremy Warnake, and his sidekick our long-time friend John Fratta.

     The quality of life in our community is a direct result of the constant commitment and hard work of the men and woman of the 49th precinct, under the leadership of Captain Timothy McCormack. They have maintained our community as one of the safest in the City.  The Civilian Patrol of the Northeast Bronx Assn. is proud to be under the leadership of such fine officers as our partners in combating crime.  Special mention to our Community Affairs Officer Jay Sturdivant and Crime Prevention Officers Tyrone Mederos who attend our monthly meetings.  It proves that when we all work together to find solutions to our problems, everybody wins.

     We are truly blessed to have such wonderful supporters and we wish all a Happy New Year!

The Shapiro Family

Our condolences go out to Janice Shapiro on the passing of her husband Joe, a charter member of NEBA.  May God allow the soul of Joe Shapiro rest in His peace; and may He bring comfort to those who grieve.

Madeline Provanzano

We are all sad at the passing of former Councilwoman Madeline Provanzano.  Much has been written about her accomplishments in light of her passing but to us at NEBA she was not only our representative, not only our supporter, but she was a friend.  Madeline's door was always open to us; she was always ready to assist us; she was one of us and she will be missed.  May God allow Madeline to rest in His peace.

Happy Birthday 49th Precinct

In 1985 Community Board 11 was successful in obtaining an NYPD Precinct of its own.  Ever since the community and the 49th Precinct have enjoyed a wonderful collaboration resulting in reduced crime and increased quality of life.  NEBA is especially thankful for all the fine police officers who have served here and especially for the cooperation we have received from the Commanding Officers, Community Relations Officers and Crime Prevention Officers, who attend our meetings regularly.  They exemplify the NYPD motto of Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect.  God bless them all!

Hutchinson River Parkway Update

Hutch Pkwy Study Update

The NYC Department of City Planning (DCP) has announced that it will present its findings on the study begun in the spring of 2013 regarding the traffic issues brought to its attention by Inter-Association Traffic Steering committee (IATSC).  The IATSC is a coalition of community groups formed to ensure the City pays attention to the concerns of all residents of the area affected.

The parameters of the study were as follows:

  • The study will take one year (this was delayed for further consideration of IATSC proposals) and will include the area along the Hutchinson Parkway from Baychester Ave to Ferry Point Park and includes parts of Community Boards 10 and 11.
  • The study is commissioned due to a variety of factors including: population, large area of parks and recreation, significant commercial centers, more than 1 million square feet of new office and hotel space planned, more than 700,000 square feet of retail space planned, lower density residential neighbors in the corridor, connections to regional transportation and proposed commuter railway.
  • The goals and objectives of the study are to identify opportunities to accommodate new uses along the corridor; minimize traffic through local streets; improve connectivity and traffic circulation in areas surrounding the Parkway; support pedestrian and cycle connections; and support connections to transit; and enhance transportation safety within the study area.

Any new developments will be imparted to our members at our January 26 meeting (see rear panel).

NYPD Bulletins

Courtesy of the NYPD Community Affairs Dept.

Gym Locker Theft

 Consider these valuable tips when in or outside a Health Club:

 • Be alert and be aware of your surroundings while performing your workout routine

• Be mindful of shallow pockets. Wallets, cell phone and keys often slip out. When they become exposed they present a perfect opportunity for a thief.

• During an intense workout most people focus on stimulating aids such as loud music, and/or their favorite TV shows, don't drop your guard.

• Be mindful that you are not in the comfort of your home; opportunists often target people who are preoccupied.

 Caution: While in the locker room, security cameras are not allowed and the perpetrators know it.

• A few seconds is more than enough time for unattended property to get stolen.

• Be wary of distractions. At times a perpetrator may not be alone; diversion is a common ploy used to remove one's belongings.

• Leave valuables at home, when possible.

• Don't leave valuables in your vehicle while at the gym.

Safety Guidelines may rest with the health club/Gym owners but members should be aware of following:

• Does it appear at first glance that the health club is security conscious? Ensure the following:

• The area where the health club is situated is well lit.

• The health club is equipped with good security cameras.

• Parking area is not isolated and is well lit with cameras.

• When you look around - do you feel safe or nervous?

• Use a locker area that is being monitored by security personnel at the health club facility.

• Types of suggested lockers may include both keyed lockers and those with external locks, such as padlock or combination locks.

Preventing Vehicle Theft

Vehicles are stolen for a variety of reasons, including for car parts, insurance fraud, retagging, exporting, and joy riding.  Follow these simple tips to help prevent theft or damage to your vehicle:


Be a Life Saver this season

Donating blood is literally giving the gift of life. Each day, the New York Blood Center needs close to 2,000 people a day to roll up their sleeves. There is simply no substitute for voluntarily donated blood. Without volunteer donors, our community would not have an adequate community blood supply.  Please visit the NYBC website at or call (800) 933-2566 for more information and to make an appointment. The blood donation process has changed dramatically in recent years.  You will not have to wait hours and the process itself takes only about 10 minutes.  The blood supply is always at a critical level - usually only 5 to 6 days supply on hand - because of the lack of donors.  Your donation will help 3 people now.  Consider that you may not be dying to give blood but one day you or a loved one may be dying to get it.