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'neighbors watching out for neighbors
 March 2014



Next Meeting: Monday March 31, 7:30pm at Kings Harbor Multi Care Center, Stillwell Ave at E Gun Hill Rd.
Agenda: Update on community concerns. Also representatives of the 49th precinct; the offices of NYS Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj; NYS Senator Jeff Klein and from NYC Councilman Jimmy Vacca.



See Crime Alert Page for important NYPD Scam Alert!





Smartphone Safety


Courtesy of NYPD Community Affairs Bureau

BEFORE your Smartphone is lost or stolen:

1. Be Aware. Know your surroundings and be cognizant of your Smartphone use behavior.

Similar to your purse or wallet, it's best to not call attention to your Smartphone and create an opportunity for a thief to steal it (e.g., leave it on a restaurant table, use it while walking or taking public transportation, allowing strangers to "borrow" it to get directions, etc.). By knowing your surroundings, you may protect your Smartphone from being lost or stolen.

2. Lock It. As soon as you get a new Smartphone, set a hard to guess password to protect your device and change it on a regular basis. If you don't know how to set a password for your Android, BlackBerry, iOS (Apple) or Windows Smartphone’s.

3. Add Apps. There are a number of apps available that will remotely track, lock and/or erase your Smartphone. In addition, some apps will remote trigger an alarm so people know that Smartphone is stolen or take a photo of the thief so you can send it to police. By adding these apps now, in the event your Smartphone is stolen or lost, your personal information will be protected.

4. Save It (Again). If you have photos, emails, contacts, videos or anything else that you want to make sure is available if your Smartphone is ever lost or stolen, save it somewhere else such as a computer, USB drive or cloud service. It's always a good idea to have a backup copy.

5. Insure It. If you are prone to losing things, you may want to consider insuring your device through your wireless provider or a third party entity so that if it is lost or stolen, your replacement device is covered.





Next Meeting

Next Meeting: Monday March 31, 7:30PM, Kings Harbor MultiCare Center, E. Gun Hill Road at Stillwell Ave – Use Main Entrance.


Agenda: Update on community concerns.  Representatives from the 49th Pct; NYS Senator Klein; NYS Assemblyman Gjonaj; and NYC Councilman Vacca will be present.

From Da Prez!

Vincent T. Prezioso

Calling all Patrol Members!

All Patrol members are required to come to Kings Harbor at 7pm (prior to the start of the general meeting) to be fingerprinted by the NYPD.


It Pays to Attend NEBA meetings!

At our last meeting we were informed of the Green Dot Money Card Scam by the Crime Prevention Officer of the 49th Precinct Tyrone Mederos.  Lo and behold one of our members received a call from a scammer and knew exactly what to do.  He managed to get contact information from the scammer and provided it to the 49th Precinct; and an investigation is in progress.  Good thinking Frano Zagreda and thanks to Tyrone Mederos!


Members Corner

Carlos Falcon sends his best regards and asks for your prayers as a cancer survivor.

Mary Ferrara has been transferred from the hospital to Providence Rest for rehabilitation.  Please pray that God gives her healing and strength.

Janice Shapiro suffered a broken collar bone and is recuperating.  Please pray God brings her back to full health.

Laura Thurston has been battle cancer for a long time and is currently in a relapse.  Please ask God to grant her mercy and healing.

Louise Restagno has been fighting off many health issues for several years.  Please pray that God will heal her and give her the strength to deal with these issues.

Thank you again Members!

The USPS has a motto that neither wind nor rain nor sleet nor snow will keep us from our appointed rounds.  Well in spite of this brutal winter of snow, ice, sleet, sleet and rain, many of you have attended our meetings and for this we are thankful!  And many of our regular meeting attendees are seniors (hint: so what is the excuse of you younger ones?)  I just want to say how touched and thankful I am for those who truly care about their community and what happens within it.  It is those same seniors who put a cheerful spin on life and avoid the winter blues.  It is those same seniors who continue to service our seniors program come what may.  Thank you for being you and thank you for making this neighborhood a better place to live!



Da Prez’s Quote of the Month:

Live simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly, and leave the rest to God!


Almost FREE Lunch!

The Seniors Center at Our Lady of Mount Carmel invites seniors to have a nutritious gourmet meal, prepared by a fine Italian chef on any weekday.  The menu may include: Lasagna, Chicken Francese, Chicken Marsala, Manicotti, Baked Ziti, pork chops, Eggplant Parm, and many More of Your favorites.  Lunch is served at noon and the suggested donation for seniors is two bucks!


The Seniors Center also has a full calendar of events every month and you can receive a copy by calling 718-733-8852.  Activities include Exercise, Dancing, Yoga, Bingo, Pool Games and more!  The Center is located at 187th Street and Southern Boulevard in the heart of Little Italy in Da Bronx.  The Seniors program is funding by the NYC Department for the Aging.

Bronx Tree Giveaway!

Join Sustainable South Bronx for the Annual Spring Tree Giveaway! This year, we have 100 trees to distribute to Bronx residents for free.

Hunts Point Riverside Park. Lafayette Avenue and Edgewater Road, Saturday, March 29. 10am-12pm. Though registration is not required to receive a tree, a limited quantity of trees will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

At the event we will have our trained Tree Care Captains demonstrating how to care for your new tree!


To pick up a free tree, you must agree:

• To plant in one of the five boroughs.

• To keep trees properly watered and maintained.

• Not to plant along streets, in containers, terraces, balconies or on roofs.

Kings Harbor receives award

NEBA is proud of its corporate neighbor and supporter as it is the only nursing home or assisted living facility in NY to receive the 2013 AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative Tier IV Achievement Award (American Health Care Association). This is the highest Tier a facility can receive and very few nursing homes in the nation achieve it.  Achieving the award means Kings Harbor achieved all four goals in their program; which are: to increase customer satisfaction; increase staff stability; safely reduce hospital readmissions; safely reduce the off-label use of antipsychotics.  Congratulations to Alexander Stern (Administrator) and everyone at Kings Harbor who contributed to this effort!

MTA buses…again?

We have yet again received reports of MTA buses leaving their assigned routes and traveling through our residential streets.  In the past we have appealed directly to the MTA and for a while the practice stops, but then starts again.  We have contact Councilman Jimmy Vacca’s office for assistance.  So if you see an MTA bus that is not on a bus route, but rather on a residential street, please call Mr. Vacca’s office 718-931-1671, ask for Matthew.  Thank you Jimmy for the assist!  And by the way where is the good conscientious bus driver Ralph Cramden when you need him?

Thank you from Einstein

AARP Fraud Watch Alert

The AARP Fraud Watch Network gives you access to information about how to protect yourself and your family. Non-members and members alike can get our Watchdog Alerts, stay up on con artists’ latest tricks, and find out what to do if you’ve been victimized. It’s free for everyone because AARP is committed to safeguarding Americans’ financial futures.  Visit:

911 Call Center Update or not?

We all have seen this monster building arise from the dirt.  In the beginning our concern was the City’s intention to build it significantly higher than it now is – can you imagine?  Of course now that it is progressing toward completion, and considering all the other construction going on in that area, our concern is centered on traffic.  Where will the traffic enter and exit to access the 911 Center, the Hotel and the new shopping complex?  As of right now it may exit the Hutchinson River Parkway at Stillwell Ave and flow directly onto our nice quiet streets.  Not to mention the increased traffic on Pelham Parkway, which already has its own issues at various times of each working day, due to the Hospitals etc.  So NEBA has petitioned all our elected representatives to intercede.  Councilman Vacca, State Assemblyman Gjonaj, and State Senator Klein will meet with us to discuss problems and solutions.  Please attend our next meeting Monday March 31, 7:30pm at Kings Harbor to get all the details and further updates.


Tax Scams and IRS

Don't fall victim to tax scams. Remember — if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you know of a tax fraud, you can report it to the IRS by sending completed Form 3949-A, Information Referral, to Internal Revenue Service, Fresno, CA 93888. You can download the form or call 1-800-829-3676 to order by mail.

Some of the recent scams the IRS has seen include:

·         IRS Warns of Pervasive Telephone Scam

·         IRS Urges Taxpayers to Avoid Becoming Victims of Tax Scams

·         Don’t Fall Prey to the 2013 Dirty Dozen Tax Scams

Education is the best way to avoid the pitfalls of these “too good to be true” tax scams. For more information, go to


Remember, the IRS NEVER calls people on the phone to collect taxes.